Spiritual, Moral, Social & Cultural Education Skills, Knowledge and Resources

Spiritual, Moral, Social & Cultural Education Skills, Knowledge and Resources

Course Summary:
This course will enable teachers to explore:

  • What is Spiritual, Moral, Social & Cultural Education?
  • How the knowledge & skills associated with SMSC can be in a creative & engaging way
  • How they might use the free SMSC resources – which include 8 days of lesson plans for Reception to Year 6 – on the ConnectED TSA website

The course aims to develop teachers’ knowledge & understanding of:
Spiritual – how teachers enable children to reflect on their own personal wellbeing in terms of body, mind & spirit. They will have the opportunity to ask higher level questions to grow in self-awareness for their healthy, balanced, long-term personal development.
Moral – how teachers challenge pupils to consider their own moral boundaries & where these have come from. They will have their thinking extended through deepening their reasoning skills.
Social – how teachers support children in developing a sense of self, taking a look at their strengths & weaknesses, & questioning what their unique potential may be. Providing opportunities to explore what drives them as a person, & ask fundamental questions about themselves & their place in the world.
Culture – how teachers develop children’s understanding of what culture is & how it manifests in the world around us. Providing opportunities to examine the culture from which they come (ROOTS), which cultures challenge or influence them (GROWING) & how this shapes their fluid cultural identity (SHOOTS).

Target Audience: Primary Teachers & Leaders
Date: Tuesday 5th March 2019
Time: 4.00pm to 6.00pm
Course Venue: Barrow CEVC Primary School, IP29 5AU
Facilitator: Victoria Bush
Cost: £30 per delegate

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