Research and Development (R&D)

ConnectED has a good track record of school based research and development and we are always looking to grow this, to ensure that our Research and Development projects reflect national and regional initiatives, as well as our alliance developments.

The projects that ConnectED focuses on are flexible, relevant, worthwhile and exciting within the national agenda, but also of regional significance.

Closing the Gap

We have recently embarked on the ‘Closing the Gap’ project with four other Suffolk schools. One of the aims of this scheme is that engagement in research is embedded within schools and teaching. Through this kind of collaborative activity, we develop sustainable structures and processes that enable networks of local schools and teachers to set up and run a range of future projects.

Close the Gap


Assessment, Marking and Feedback

A group of cross-phase schools within the Teaching School Alliance are currently exploring how effective their current marking and feedback policies are.

ConnectED Action Research Papers

  • Using research to review and develop an Assessment, Marking and Feedback Policy

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  • The influence of academic self-concept on attitudes to learning among top set secondary school science students

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  • The use of kinaesthetically based learning to encourage more active participation in a classroom

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  • Identifying, supporting and extending children who show a potential for, or are already, gifted and talented in mathematics, including the application of problem solving strategies and higher order questioning.

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  • Using assessment to promote learning in mathematics: embedding guided group work practice to create opportunities to probe children’s understanding and take their learning forward.

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If you would like to find out more about Action Research and the projects that you have read about then please contact the author directly or email


Research and Development


We welcome enquiries and further ideas on directions for Research and Development Projects and will endeavour to work with practitioners on innovative and creative approaches to teaching and learning, CPD and leadership.