Primary School Improvement Reviews

Primary School Improvement Reviews


Preparing for an Inspection?
Are you looking for an independent evaluation of your school performance and improvements in relation to your priorities?
Do you need further evidence for your School Self Evaluation?

Then our School Improvement Reviews could be just what you need!

We can tailor an approach to meet your specific needs, which might include:
Support for robust self evaluation through an analysis of achievement and progress,
Identification of strengths and areas for future School Improvement,
Support for teaching and learning, behaviour and safety, leadership and management,
This service is bespoke, tailored to your needs, but might look like this:
An initial phone/email contact to discuss the format of the review you require
Sharing of your school data with the lead professional via email
First school visit to include joint lesson observations, work scrutiny, interviews with staff, meetings with SLT and a data review, followed by the development of an action plan to address identified issues.
You will receive :
A clear, rigorous, independent evaluation of your school’s performance and progress; a written report of the key findings,
including school strengths and areas for development; detailed feedback to SLT and Governors, should you require it ;
recommendations throughout the review; support, coaching, mentoring and training in areas identified should
you require it.

Your school Improvement review will be carried out with you by two experienced and successful Headteachers, one of whom is a current Ofsted inspector.


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