The Outstanding Teacher Programme

The Outstanding Teacher  Programme

A  high quality programme  for teachers who are currently good or good with outstanding features who have the potential, capacity and drive  to become consistently and sustainably outstanding .

Programme commences Thurs 28th September 2017.

Venue: Barrow Primary,  Bury St Edmunds

Facilitators: David Barrett

Outstanding senior practitioners who are trained and licensed OLEVI facilitators

The OTP is a ten week programme delivered through 2 full day, 5 half day  face to face sessions, and 3 in-school practice days.  The learning approaches combine facilitated face to face sessions, classroom observations within the host school and mandatory in-school practice sessions at the participant’s own school. The latter take the form of  linked practical tasks. Topics include focus on classroom pedagogy, teaching and learning methodology, coaching and mentoring and in-school practice.

Delegates must :

be good with the potential to achieve ‘outstanding’; have  at least 3 years teaching experience; be a highly respected, inspiring professional who demonstrates high order interpersonal skills; have a commitment to continuing their own professional development and that of others.

Programme fees £650

Includes  a free place on a ConnectED twilight course of your choice.


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