We have a number of twilight and full day courses coming up. See below for a summary and click ‘learn more’ for more details.

Building a Primary Curriculum

Course Summary: During the day, Clare will focus on: Current national perspectives on curriculum; How we might build a curriculum that promotes long term learning through applying research from cognitive science; An overview of how memory works and how this can influence our thinking about curriculum; Exploring how we can plan links that reinforce learning across year groups and across subjects, creating a coherent curriculum; How we can develop a

‘The Bar Model Approach to Problem Solving’

How do we introduce Bar Modelling, and how do we continue to use it as a valuable tool to solve problems? Course Summary: This two part workshop explores the Bar Model approach to problem solving enabling delegates to gain a better understanding of what Bar Models do, & how they work. In the first session, we concentrate on using bars mostly for additive reasoning & will introduce the part/whole model

A Good Education

Course Summary: David Didau will promote debate and reflection about the curriculum by presenting recent research into teaching, learning and a knowledge-based curriculum, focusing particularly on: why intelligence matters how teachers can increase children’s intelligence the implications of recent research for the ‘how’ & ‘what’ of the curriculum. The outcomes from this day should enable teachers and school leaders to clarify their thinking about ‘a good  education’, especially in relation